Kas Guide

Popular Places and Activities


Kas is one of Turkey's most preferred paragliding point. If you want to look at Kaş from the sky, paragliding is just for you. You can plan your flight by talking to experienced paragliding pilots in the center and get the chance to see Kaş from a completely different perspective.


Kas is located on Turkey's most beautiful hiking trails 555 kilometers of the Lycian Way. With its location intertwined with nature and history, it attracts the attention of hiking lovers. If you wish, you can take long walks with the sea on the peninsula, or you can follow the Lycian road and go with history.


You can explore the magnificent bays of Kaş with boat tours that you can join in private or with groups. Boats departing from the center organize trips to Kekova or Kaputaş. After you have a pleasant time on the shores and coves of Kas, they return to their starting points.

Scuba Diving

Being one of the most preferred diving points in the world, Kaş hosts many diving schools. If you are wondering about the underwater beauties of Kas, you can get involved in diving tours by contacting one of these schools, and you can get beginner or advanced training.

Historical Places

There are many ancient buildings in Kaş, where nature's beauty and history are intertwined. Thay have a history of nearly 2000 years. It is possible to witness many of these structures even when you are just walking around in Kaş. If you want, you can examine these buildings by walking or by car. You can witness the history closely.

Eating and drinking

You can try new tastes by choosing one of the many restaurants and cafes on the shores of Kaş and among the structures of Old Kaş, where the historical texture will company to you. In the streets of Kas, there are many meat and fish restaurants, as well as cafes and bars that will allow you to have a good time.